Not So Lucky Slevin

Just recently, another movie on gambling has been produced. I am talking about Lucky Number Slevin, a movie with an all-star cast. The cast includes Josh Hartnett, Lucy Liu, Bruce Willis, and Morgan Freeman.

Lucky Number Slevin starts off showing a father and son at a parking lot. Then, the father leaves his son alone to bet on a horse race. He loses, and it was found out that the horse he bet on, which by the way is named Slevin, was drugged. The game was fixed right from the start and when the gambling lords found out about this they were not happy, so they murdered the guy and his wife for the guy’s participation in the fixed game. What happened to the child was kept secret but was revealed in the end.

The next series of scenes show a bookie being killed, and Bruce Willis killing a certain guy. Then Josh Hartnett enters the story as a person with a mistaken identity. He was blackmailed by two gambling lords, but in the end, he gets them both. Surprisingly, these two gambling lords were the same gambling lords who murdered the husband and wife at the beginning of the story. It turns out that Josh was the son of the murdered guy in the beginning and he used the name Slevin as his nickname ever since his parents were killed. He disguised under the identity of the guy Bruce Willis killed just to get close to the gambling lords who murdered his parents. Bruce Willis’ victim supposedly owed gambling debts to these gambling lords too.

This movie just shows how violent gambling can be, especially when it involves huge money. Sometimes, it gets too personal, and the feud will continue for a longer time, like in this case.

Slevin is the ancient word for seven, which is considered lucky, especially in gambling. That is why most jackpot in slots require users to hit three seven’s. However, Slevin in this movie sure brought a lot of bad luck. Slevin the race horse caused the death of Hartnett’s parents while Slevin the guy brought death to the two gambling lords. It was a very good use of contrast.

But, the movie could have been better if it was directed by another director, like Guy Ritchie for example. Guy Ritchie is known for his unique style which makes his films interesting. Guy Ritchie’s gambling movies are fast-paced, unlike Lucky Number Slevin. This movies tends to be boring, which is a shame because the story is good.

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