The Deal with Accordion and Canfield

In Accordion, the move of one card may undercover another that makes possible another move of a matching card from the right. Some players vary the game by matching and moving to the third card from the left instead of the adjacent card. Others move the entire pile with the top card when it matches and is moved to another card.

The player wins the game if he succeeds in moving all of the cards into one pile.

Canfield is one of the most familiar of all Solitaire games, and derives its name from the famous Saratoga gaming house of R.A. Canfield, where it was introduced in the last decades of the 19th century.

To lay out the cards for playing, a player deals 13 cards face down in one pile and then turns the pile face up to form the stock. The next card, dealt face up to the right of the stock, is called the first foundation. Four more cards, which form the tableau, are dealt face up in a row below the foundation and to the right of the stock.

During the course of play, the other foundation cards must be played when they appear. For example, if the first foundation card is a six the three other sixes in the pack become the other foundation cards must be played when they appear.

For example, if the first foundation card is a six, the three other sixes in the pack turn out to be the other foundation cards and are played in a row to the right of the first. Each foundation pile is thereafter built upon in ascending sequence of the same suit, with the sequence constant ‘around the corner’ from queen to king, to ace, to deuce, and so on.

This game aims to build each of the four foundations to its full 13 cards, and with this in mind; cards are played to the foundations whenever possible. After the stock, the first foundation card, and the tableau have been dealt, the remainder of the pack is held face down in the hand.

The player then begins taking three cards at a time from the top of the pack and placing them face up in a pile that is known as the talon. The top card of the talon is always available for playing, and when it has been played, the card beneath it immediately becomes available.

As the play continues, cards are played either from the stock or talon to the foundation or the tableau. The tableau piles are built down in sequence, black on red and red on black, say, a six of spades on a seven of diamonds. Whenever possible, cards must be played to the foundation, and as a general rule cards should be played from the stock instead of the talon when a player has a choice.

If a card that can be played on a foundation is uncovered in the tableau, it must be played to the foundation. Cards within the tableau itself may also be moved. For example, when the highest card of a pile is of opposite color and instantaneously lower than the lowest card of some other pile, the entire lower pile may be transferred to the higher one.

If a tableau pile is cleared off and a space remains, the space must be filled by a card from the stock pile, or from the talon if the stock pile has been worn out.

The Best Offers of a Licensed Online Casino

Are you willing to wager your finances and hit it big in a money-making venture that is not out there to get you fooled? Would you like to know the best offers you will be having if you use your betting skills with a licensed online casino?

Knowing how to expertly maneuver your way into a licensed online casino within the virtual industry definitely pays. And it may prove to be more advantageous for you if you learn a thing or two about their offers.

* Good promos A licensed online casino always has incentives for their customers. However, if this is the only thing that you will be looking for in your search for the perfect gambling site, you might find yourself in a sticky situation with unofficial or unreliable websites that may be offering more.

Proper caution is then required to ensure that you can safely steer away from these unworthy sites.

* Availability In case you encounter problems regarding your transactions or pay-outs, you will be pleased to discover that a 24-hour service for seven days a week is usually offered in legitimate websites. The phone lines indicated will be working and prompt and professional service is given to show how valuable a customer you really are.

You may also inquire if they are offering real-time chat or email support for a faster process of handling customer’s concerns.

* Proper Certification Up-to-date software programs, with proper authentication from legitimate gaming areas, are also some of its best factors. These are usually indicated in the site to ensure that you are being welcomed into a convenient gaming hall that you can trust.

* Easy rules to follow Most legitimate sites have a user-friendly rules and regulations system to follow once you’re in the gaming hall. So, don’t go to the games at once if you haven’t read and learned these things well.

* Long-term guarantee A licensed online site that has been running for quite some time, and has proven – without a shadow of a doubt – that operations will continue for a longer time, will definitely make you want to come back for more.

The long-term guarantee is commonly a result of an honest and great service that they extend to their customers every time these people visit the site.

* Professional service A sense of professionalism is a common norm for reliable casinos in the virtual community. Since they know how to handle their customers well, it isn’t surprising why they always have a long line of satisfied wagers like you who continue to support and patronize their website.

A licensed online casino opens the doors to a worthwhile undertaking where you’ll have greater security and pleasure in participating with their games. They are less likely to play a trick on you or leave you in the dark. Looking for them may be tough, but the results will be highly satisfying once you find them.

Not So Lucky Slevin

Just recently, another movie on gambling has been produced. I am talking about Lucky Number Slevin, a movie with an all-star cast. The cast includes Josh Hartnett, Lucy Liu, Bruce Willis, and Morgan Freeman.

Lucky Number Slevin starts off showing a father and son at a parking lot. Then, the father leaves his son alone to bet on a horse race. He loses, and it was found out that the horse he bet on, which by the way is named Slevin, was drugged. The game was fixed right from the start and when the gambling lords found out about this they were not happy, so they murdered the guy and his wife for the guy’s participation in the fixed game. What happened to the child was kept secret but was revealed in the end.

The next series of scenes show a bookie being killed, and Bruce Willis killing a certain guy. Then Josh Hartnett enters the story as a person with a mistaken identity. He was blackmailed by two gambling lords, but in the end, he gets them both. Surprisingly, these two gambling lords were the same gambling lords who murdered the husband and wife at the beginning of the story. It turns out that Josh was the son of the murdered guy in the beginning and he used the name Slevin as his nickname ever since his parents were killed. He disguised under the identity of the guy Bruce Willis killed just to get close to the gambling lords who murdered his parents. Bruce Willis’ victim supposedly owed gambling debts to these gambling lords too.

This movie just shows how violent gambling can be, especially when it involves huge money. Sometimes, it gets too personal, and the feud will continue for a longer time, like in this case.

Slevin is the ancient word for seven, which is considered lucky, especially in gambling. That is why most jackpot in slots require users to hit three seven’s. However, Slevin in this movie sure brought a lot of bad luck. Slevin the race horse caused the death of Hartnett’s parents while Slevin the guy brought death to the two gambling lords. It was a very good use of contrast.

But, the movie could have been better if it was directed by another director, like Guy Ritchie for example. Guy Ritchie is known for his unique style which makes his films interesting. Guy Ritchie’s gambling movies are fast-paced, unlike Lucky Number Slevin. This movies tends to be boring, which is a shame because the story is good.

Internet Gambling the Facts and Figures

While the history of Internet gambling spans less than two decades, the numbers indicate it is growing at a pace unprecedented in the history of the gambling industry. The figures on internet gambling are simply phenomenal.

From the time casino and gambling software began to appear online in the mid 1990s the figures have soared. In 1997, a scant two years after InterCasino and other casino software came online, revenues totaled over $ 1 billion, with more than 60% of the profits emanating from the United States. In the Caribbean alone there were at least fifty gambling sites that raked in $100 million.

A year later the profits rose to $8 billion and in 2006 the total earnings from Internet gambling reached over $15 billion. In Antigua, the birth of online casinos, there are at least a hundred sites operating in its capital alone, with profits and earnings in the millions.

One of the reasons why Internet gambling operators prefer Antigua, aside from the ease of acquiring a license, is that the tax rates are among the lowest in the world.

It has been estimated that there are at least 2,500 online casinos with hundreds of them related to sports betting. This number is said to be a reflection of the growing number of users. The estimated number of individuals who have gambled online has been estimated to be at least 20 million. There have been several reasons cited why online gambling is becoming popular, among them its ease of use and the comfort and privacy afforded by playing online.

But it has been suggested that the other reason is that it has been proven in the past that one can win big money online. Whereas there were doubts before in the security of making financial transactions online, they were quickly erased. The first million dollar wiener came in 2002, but it was Chris Moneymaker’s victory at the World Series of Poker that encouraged people to play. Chris Moneymaker won $2.5 million in the event, after playing only Poker online. For most people, this was evidence that money can be made online.

Internet gambling observers and analysts had predicted that revenues from online gambling would reach $25 billion by the year 2010. However this estimate has been discarded because of the uncertainties with regards to the legal status of online gambling in the United States.

With Internet gambling figures in the billions of dollars, the next step being taken by casino operators is mobile or wireless gambling. How this will affect online gambling revenue figures remains to be seen.

Casino Gambling Bonus

Gambling in casinos has opened doors for people to make money playing casino games. More and more people have realized the fact that engaging in casino games can be a lucrative venture but a risky proposition as well. It can put people in a winning situation if they manage to win the pot prize or the jackpot prize. However, it can turn out to be a forgettable and losing situation if the gambler ends up winning nothing.

Casino gamblers remain the biggest source of revenue of land-based casinos. As more people continue to pile in and play casino gambling games, the better it will be for the survival of the casino. That is why it is important for the casino to keep attracting gamblers to play in their casino. In order to bring in more people to play their games, casinos offer their visitors casino gambling bonus.

Casino gambling bonus is used by land-based casinos to encourage their visitors to become a regular member of the casino by making an initial deposit. The casino gambling bonus is equivalent to the amount of the initial deposit or a certain percentage of the total amount.

As soon as the initial deposit is made, the casino gambler will continue to enjoy receiving casino gambling bonus as long as they keep on playing the casino games offered in the casino. The gambler has the discretion to use the casino gambling bonus anytime that he sees fit.

Another way to avail of casino gambling bonus is through the casino affiliate program. By bringing in another person to the land-based casino, one can have a chance to receive a certain percentage from every person they can refer to the casino.

Casino gambling bonus can be availed of by a gambler only upon completion of the required betting amount. With casino gambling bonus, one needs to have an understanding of the terms and conditions of the online casino with regards to claiming casino gambling bonus.

The following pages will take you to a wide array of casino gambling solutions to answer all your gambling needs. Looking for some of the best casino gambling games? Whether its blackjack, backgammon or poker, our casino gambling directory can provide an answer to your demand for the top casino games. If you are new to casino gambling, our site can provide you with helpful gambling rules to get you off your feet in terms of casino gambling.

Make your way to land-based casinos and look for our casino directory and ensure yourself of a quality time with the casino gambling games.

Rules of Online Slots

Whenever you try a new form of gambling, always remember that besides strategies and rules, you also have to learn a number of new words associated with your latest point of gambling interest. For poker, for example, you’d have to be familiar with commonly used terms like the big blind and the small blind and slang words such as an Anna Kournikova type of hand, which basically means that either your hand or you yourself is the type to look good on paper but ultimately amounts to nothing. I know, it’s a bit harsh, isn’t it?

But that’s poker for you and that’s not the topic of our article.

Right now, we’ll be reviewing some of the terms commonly used when playing the slot machines. Slot machines are perhaps the biggest earners of the casinos because they’re just entirely too addictive to play with! The rules are just so simple and there are minimal, if any, skills involved. With slot machines, all you have to do is play and then wish that Lady Luck is smiling at you on that night.

Like any game, however, there are still terms that you have to familiarize yourself with in order to play the slot machines to the best of your ability. In this article, we shall a list a few of those terms to help ease your way to slot machine winnings.

The screen of slot machines always has a portion dedicated to the payout terms. The PAYOUT display simply lets an individual know how much coins he’s going to win for a particular set or combination of symbols or pictures. And because there are various ways of winning in the slot machines, there’s usually a long list of combinations that you feel you must familiarize yourself with lest you wanted to get cheated while playing the slot machines.

But guess what? You don’t have to memorize them at all because the slot machines are already programmed to recognize these combinations and give you the right amount of winnings.

The MAXIMUM COIN DISPLAY, on the other hand, simply the extent of how much you can bet while playing the slot machines. The amount varies from one slot machine to another.

COIN PLAY VALUES are denominations which you can choose from to reach your desired amount for betting and playing the slot machines.

If you’re playing a SINGLE LINE SLOT MACHINE, it means your winning combination of symbols must be at the center line in order to earn winnings. For a THREE LINER SLOT MACHINE, you have three lines to play and each line may contain a winning combination.